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Purchasing and Downloading Audio or Video Files

Problem: My Audio or Video file did not download to my computer or device or my connection timed out in the middle of a download.
Solution: If you believe a file that you purchased did not download, be sure you are signed-in to your account to view that the purchase actually transpired. You will be able to view all your orders in the “My Account” and all of your other purchases. If you do not see the receipt for the download you think you purchased, then the purchase was not completed successfully. Check your email receipt to see if you were charged for the download. Also please check your junkc mail or spam mail to be assured your e-mail program did not send the e-mail with file there. If there are further issues, contact us at Customer Service.

Question: The files I downloaded will not play?
Answer: If your file(s) downloaded completely but there is a problem playing any of them, you will need to contact Customer Service for assistance. Some of the issues may be: You cannot  play any audio or video files on your computer. If not, check with your manufacture and/or your Operating Systems FAQs. You may also not have the right software to play these types of files. Free software such as iTunes, Windows Media and Real Player are available online.

Question: Can I listen or view a complete song/video before I purchase the file?
Answer: No. We provide a 30 sec preview of every selection available.

Question: How do I purchase audio and video files?
Answer: All available files are designated with both a “Preview” button in the product description and an “Add to Cart” button next to the track title. When you find the file you would like to purchase, click Add to Cart.The selected file is now in your shopping cart. You are able to do this with multiple files and physical goods as well as view your cart before checking out.

Question: Can I return an Audio or Video File?
Answer: All audio and video downloads are not returnable once they have been purchased. If you need assistance with a purchase or download, please contact Customer Service.

Question: How do I download my purchased files?
Answer: Once your purchase is completed, you will be sent an e-mail with a receipt and a link to your purchased audio or video file(s). The link will be to a ZIP file that contains your purchased file(s). Download the ZIP file and then extract the file's contents. Only full albums will contain a PDF of the artwork if available. If you do not receive artwork with your complete album purchase then it is unavailable with this title. After the ZIP files are downloaded, find and unzip them.

Question: Where do my ZIP and files go after they are downloaded?
Answer: Your audio or video files are downloaded as a ZIP archive. Dependent upon your operating system and computer (PC or MAC) they will end up in different locations. If you download files from the internet frequently, the ZIP with your files will be put into the same folder (usually “Downloads” on a Mac and to your browser's default download location on a PC). Double click on the ZIP file to expand the folder to gain access to the individual MP3 files.

Question: How do ZIP files work?
Answer: Each purchase you make will be sent in separate ZIP files to download to your hard drive. As example if you purchase 2 audio singles and 1 full album there would be three separate downloadable ZIP files. Go to that file to extract (unzip) your files into the location of your choice. After you save the ZIP file that contains your files, you will need to unzip these files into the location on your hard drive where you want to keep your music.

Question: How do I unzip my files?
Answer: Instructions for up-zipping ZIP files are relatively easy. For detailed assistance, search the internet for detailed unzip instructions for your operating system, but ZIP is a common format for archiving and downloading multiple files and most modern computers (made after 2000) will accommodate them. Most computers are able to extract (unzip) the files inside a ZIP file when you attempt to open it. At that time you can put the files in a location of your choice. For PC users, the easiest way is to right-click on a zipped folder, and select “Extract All”. A unzipped folder of the same name is created in the same directory by default.

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